a hard day's night.

It's that time of the year again. Not yet a month into uni and my weekends are already booked with study programmes and seminar prep. How thrilling. Although I would love to write a piece on how to make use of time more efficiently, I am probably the worst person to do that (see, I'm procrastinating right now - bazinga!). Life doesn't get more exciting than the occasional sushi dinners with friends and being able to read a page or two of the books I'm reading that don't involve medicine. And TV series, or I'm Still A Sane Person. Hopefully, I will update the blog more often in the near future. It's a project that I really cherish and I want to give it proper attention. But in the meanwhile, there you have a few snippets of my life these past weeks. Aside from all the studying, I managed to improve my panini cooking skills greatly. I think it will come in handy - after all, one can not have too many paninis EVER. And how cool is the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album? I have been listening to it non stop this week.

What about you? Have you been terribly lazy like me? If you have any productivity tips you want to share, please do! :)

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