a Christmas afternoon.

And so Christmas went by.
My Christmas day was surprisingly calm. Since my family is spread all over the country, we met in Leiria to celebrate. It was mid-afternoon when we went out for a walk around the old part of town. There was a chilly winter breeze in the air, but the view was breathtaking. I had never been here before, but I absolutely loved it. There's a big park just in the center of Leiria, built around river Liz. I wish the pictures had turned out better, but when the people you're with just don't stop walking (!!!), keeping up is imperative. We even stopped by a Nutelleria (a magical place where all you order is covered in - you guessed it - nutella), but as it was Christmas day it was closed *cries out loud*.

I really want to come back here someday and explore the city on a slower pace.

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