I liked you, sun.

We went to Cambridge on a sunny warm day. I never really expected to love the city as much as I did. Everything looked like a movie set. I was dazzled. I guess there is a part of me that doesn't quite believe that people actually live and study in such a magical place - it's so different than what I am accostumed to. And to think that so many great people  - Newton, Bacon, Hawking are the first ones that come to mind - made great achievements inside these walls is overwhelming. I adored it. 
In the afternoon we went punting. We didn't take the boats with tour guides. We did it by ourselves. With our (very) limited aquatic ability, we managed to take one hour and 15 minutes to take a small ride along the river. Going back, the current was so strong that the boat would spin round and round against it. We must have hit dozens of boats and I'm pretty sure there are many asian-owned cameras with videos and photographs of us crying out with each other, trying to get back, at least. People were pointing at us from the innumerous bridges - clearly, our voices echoed accross the river, making our presence very noticeable. It was frustating, but also the most I ever laughed in an afternoon. The sun shined through and the view was breathtaking. We managed to get back eventually.

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