During my short visit (*sniffs*) to London earlier this year, I was surprised by a friend of mine who booked a visit to the WB Harry Potter Studio Tour. Of course I was ecstatic to go there, as someone who grew up reading the books and watching the movies. The detail in every aspect of the movie set was astonishing. However, what really surprised me was the children running around the studio - I had no idea that the younger generations loved the story as much as, well - people of my age (snobbish of me, I know). 
My absolute favourite parts of the tour were the Yule Ball cocktail thing, Dumbledore and Umbridge's offices (seriously, you wouldn't believe the amount of plates and cups with kittens on them) and the cereal boxes from the Great Hall - Cheeri Owls made me laugh like a complete idiot for 10 minutes. Diagonal Alley was a dream and I only resent the fact that the place wasn't bright enough for me to take great photos of it. Otherwise, I had a huge smile plastered on my face for the 4 hours I was there. Seeing such a loved story coming to life felt incredibly... rewarding? I don't know if that's the appropriate expression for it, but for someone who is constantly daydreaming and wishing stories in books could take place in this dimension, the whole trip felt as close to a dream come true as I will ever feel, probably. 
Everything was perfect, and ever since I've had this urge to read all the books again, which I shall only do in the summer, because exams. Following the wise words of C.S. Lewis, "Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again." - or, in my case, never to stop reading them in the first place.

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