First Post

I find first posts awkward. I don't really know what to talk about or what to say, except for the usual things - the "about me" lists. It's a little embarrassing, it feels like I'm introducing myself to a big, inscrutable void, if that makes any sense. But well, I have to put things into context, don't I? Here it goes:

  • My name is InĂªs.
  • I'm a 20 year-old portuguese girl.
  • I live in Lisbon and study Medicine.
  • I love travelling, although I wish I would travel more.
  • I painted my nails white today.
  • I love photography, books and many many other things, but these are not very relevant right now. Unless you're a fan of Sherlock/Doctor Who/Castle and such.
  • I have no-idea-whatsoever what this blog is going to be about. Probably scraps of my life and such. Ah, how promising does this sound?
Oh well, we'll see. 

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