So, last weekend I went to my grandma's house and decided to explore. I actually found some pretty things I had never noticed before and decided to take some pictures while I was there (also, my energy has been drained by med school and I haven't had the opportunity to play with my camera in such a long time). 

A very, very old flower crown made by my aunt, probably 40-ish years ago.

The view from the window of the room I usually stay in. The house is in the countryside, so all I see are pinetrees and orchards. It's quite relaxing, actually.

In my grandma's room I found this (probably very old too) tin box. Sorry, I just have a thing for tin boxes. Can't help it. Ups again.

A small pool by the orchard.

Despite the fact that the flower crown was literally falling apart in my hands, I HAD to try it on, of course.

Then I made my self a cup of tea and settled to read for a little while.

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