in the afternoon.

Today, my friend Maria and I went for a little walk in Lisbon after class. I love walking around Lisbon. Everything is so peculiar and there are tourists everywhere, I can't help but love the atmosphere. It was nice having a little break, because from now on my social life will be greatly reduced by exams. Ugh. Until the end of June, that is. 

We decided to go to a café somewhat similar to Starbucks - Brown's Coffee Shop. Well, despite the name, it is an all-portuguese brand (which... surprised me. I actually had no idea. Not to mention that until today morning, I was totally convinced that it was a Costa's Coffee coffehouse. Nope, there is only one of those here and it is located in Oporto. Uuuups!).

 I had a red berries cookie with white chocolate chips and a capuccino. Nom nom nom.
 It's just, I love cappucinos so much. Such a classy drink. But I don't drink it for the looks. It's the foam I'm crazy about.
 Another cookie close-up. I guess I just love taking food photos.
 The foam! One of my life goals is to own an Italian coffee machine and learn how to do this goddamn unearthly thing. Then I'll be happy and drink cappucinos all the time.
 Yup, that's me. Eating the foam.
 Brown's has quite a nice touch to it. It looks more like a friend's old sligthly hipsterish living room. Also, there's jazz playing in the background, which makes you feel so much more confortable. And more like a grown-up. Actually, that was one of the first things Maria said when we entered. "Jeez, I don't think I've ever felt so grown-up in my life!" or something like that. I must admit, I also feel a little out of place in places like these. Eventhough I love them a lot. Is that weird?
 More décor.
 Maria asked for a gigantic chocolate muffin.
 More décor. I'm sorry, sir frowning in the back. I don't really like capturing people I don't know in photographs. But there was no other way. I really hope you enjoyed your coffee, sir.
 After leaving Brown's, we decided to walk around the streets for a little while. The sun was shinning and there were so many people around. Specially spanish tourists. I guess there's a big football finale on Sunday here. Real Madrid x Atletico Madrid. So that means more people on the streets.
 Have I mentioned how much I love Lisbon?

 For the final part of our little hangout before heading home, Maria decided we should go to Tiger and check out all the useless-things-i-didn't-know-i-needed-in-my-life. This store is just... insane. You feel like bringing everything home. And things are super cheap too!
 Our legs displayed in a Tiger mirror.
 Flowers, flowers everywhere.
And a quite creepy statue staring into the void, while covered in pigeons.

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