sesimbra I

I'm quite aware that summer is halfway through. It's not my favourite season of the year. I loathe the heat and my skin can't stand the sun (quite literally, I have to carry my SPF50+ sunscreen ALL the time). But I can't deny how good the beach feels. Or the ice cream. Or the fact that I'm on vacation right now and can do pretty much whatever I please - which generally means catching up on my reading. 
Luckily, my aunt lives pretty much by the beach. Which is great, mainly because I get to get away from home. I mean, as much as I love Lisbon, during summer there isn't much to do (considering that I've seen most of it or that I can stroll around the city all year long. And that most of my friends are elsewhere). And being quite a homey person, I can also attest that spending too much time at home can be quite suffocating, no matter how much you love it. I need to move from one place to the other, or else I get restless and ultimately, bored. I guess most people are like that?
Anyway, just after my birthday, I spent a couple of days at my aunt's (in Sesimbra) before heading to Santa Cruz to stay with some friends. It was the perfect summer holiday start. 

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